The objective of this specialty is to train specialists who can ensure the control of flows and quality; and who shall have good knowledge to pilot the production of goods and services within the framework of improved performance in terms of costs, quality, and delay, to satisfy the demands of internal and external customers.


General skills
– Pilot a unit of production;
– Manage the flow of material and information;
– Manage work in shifts/team work;
– Supervise production and control products;
– Animate a quality system.

Specific Skills
– Put in place appropriate methods and tools;
– Exploit resources implemented and the associated information systems;
– Check the compliance of results of associated processes;
– Measure the activity and its performance;
– Contribute to the continuous improvement of the activity and its performance;
– Evolve towards positions with greater responsibility;
– Implant and organize production resources and logistics;
– Put in place and cause to evolve information systems;
– Use information systems dedicated to the production of goods and services;
– Participate in the putting in place of an approach to improve on flows;
– Measure the magnitude of industrial processes when they are put in place or improved;

– Scheduling expert;
– Supplier;
– Planning technician;
– GPAO/ERP technician;
– Logistics technician;
– Method/industrialization/organization technician, etc;
– Quality assessment technician;
– Metrology technician;
– Internal auditor;
– Quality controller;
– Quality animator.