This specialty trains senior technicians capable to:
– Identify the key issues for the realization of the LAN/WAN/MAN network architectures and the hybridized existing form in the business environment and enterprise.
– Link different network performance concepts and traffic issues for Quality of Service (QoS) in broadband communication as well as the network economics of the enterprise.
– Motivate the need for network security practices in organizational units.
– Build foundations to assess contemporary security policies and security mechanisms within organizations and illustrate the balance of the managerial and technical aspects of network security.


General skills
– Self-employed, work together as a team;
– Analyse, synthesize professional document (French, English);
– Oral and written business communication (French, English);
– Participate in /conduct an approach to the management of a project;
– Know and exploit professional and institutional networks in the computer sectors.

Specific skills
– Master telecommunications equipment;
– Configure inverters, battery, solar panels and cables;
– Master the techniques of emission, transmission and reception of signals, images and sounds;
– Install and configure hardware and software of networks and telecommunications systems,
– Apply the quality control;
– apply exploitation procedures;
– Optimize the operation of a network and the common protocols used;
– Implement and administer Networks;
– Participate in the development of specifications and to contribute to the specifications of a network topology or installation of a telecommunications system, manage and control the evolution of such installation in choosing the equipment and the appropriate software;
– Coordinate the rehabilitation of an installation after the incidents such as fire.

– Servicing companies and manufacturing networks equipment;
– telecommunication operators and Internet service providers;
– Controller of the information system of an enterprise;
– Telephone installers;
– Servicing companies and Computer Engineering.