The objective of this specialty is to produce technicians having good knowledge of analyses of the stakes of NGOs, the understanding and use of management techniques, the conception and follow-up of projects, and negotiation with partners.


General skills
– Understand the professional and economic environment and enterprises;
– Master the use of the computer;
– Be apt in oral and written communication;
– Be capable of team leadership.

Specific Skills
– Lead a project for the creation of an NGO);
– Master the analyzing and evaluation tools of projects;
– Mount and manage NGO development projects;
– Participate in the preparation of NGO action plans (preparation of the rules, and orientation and harmonization of their orientation;
– Put in place the means necessary for the accomplishment of the administrative action (defining the mission, programmers and scheduling; management of subventions and financial assistance);
– Give an account of the conduct of the work to hierarchy;
– Update his knowledge and follow up the evolution of regulatory and legislative instruments in the domain.
The holder of the HND should be able to:
Identify the principal components of a project in the domain and the roles involved;
Evaluate the charges and arrange the scheduling of an NGO;  Construct and follow up the budgetary plan of an NGO;  Follow up and master NGOs.

– Administrative officer of NGOs;
– Collaborator to the head of a project;
– Assistant to the head of a cooperation and development mission;