This specialty aims to train specialists in the study, implementation, use and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical network. Electrical equipment, and thereby electrical network, are more and more sophisticated because of the evolution of computer and electronic technologies. These can todays involve processes of hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, etc. It aims to provide students with technical knowledge and know-how that will enable them to take part in the design, construction and management of electro technical systems, mainly used in assembly lines or complex systems.


Generic skills
– Work independently and in team collaboration;
– Analyze, synthesize professional documents (French, English);
– Orally and writing communication (French, English);
– Participate in (other) lead project management process;
– Know and exploit professional and institutional networks of electricity sectors.

Specific skills
– Realize home and industrial electrical installation
– Operate power and current conversion;
– Understand and operate electronic modules for process control;
– Carry out maintenance and maintenance work on the processing and production lines
– Ensure home automation and fire safety
– Lead and realize a project in electricity

– Technician in charge of study
– Construction technician in electrical installation
– Maintenance technician
– Electromechanical
– Test technician
– Head of after-sales services